February 25, 2014

"To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books." 

— Dan Brown

I used to think of the time when people realize that they were the ones who made life today possible. In years of yellow fever, of political dynasties, of KKKs, of Media interpolation, of 20++ years of celebrating EDSA People Power I, would there be a book emphasizing the role of every Filipino in the movement? None, of course. Some got published but died the natural propagandistic death. The freedom we know is not the freedom we earned. We hail the great vultures that eat the meat of our labor. We keep on electing their kinds because of the belief that they are sent by God to free us, where in fact they are the ones pulling us to hell.

EDSA Revolution is about the people, the Filipino people. It was not just about Ninoy and Cory by the way. They are the powerful and the power-trigger that’s why they got noticed. But the focal point shakes from the gizzards of every mighty patriot of this country, who expressed their sincere love for the motherland. 

They’re not just the Aquinos who have been walking in EDSA then, but the asphalted roads and pavements were kissed by the feet of every single Filipino who started the move toward a better Philippines.

Remember how it all started. The glory does not only bound the powerful and the popular, it is a piece that requires fair share to every Filipino who stood.

EDSA People Power is not just for the Aquinos. It is the day, written in history, acknowledging that once in civilization of the universe, Filipino made their race a remarkable one. And that single act of valor for democracy will be forever remembered by the world.

Remember that. Filipino made it.

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