Fragile ozone layer shows first sign of recovery, UN says

GENEVA, Switzerland - The ozone layer that shields life from cancer-causing solar rays is showing its first sign of recovery after years of dangerous depletion, a U.N. study said on Wednesday, in a rare piece of good news on the environment.
Experts said it was largely down to global action - a 1987 ban on man-made gases that damage the fragile high-altitude screen. The agreement would help prevent millions of cases of skin cancer and other conditions, they added.
The ozone hole that appears over Antarctica has also stopped growing bigger every year, though it will be about a decade before it starts shrinking, said the report co-produced by the World Meteorological Organization and the U.N. Environment Programme.
"International action on the ozone layer is a major environmental success story … This should encourage us to display the same level of urgency and unity to tackle the even greater challenge of tackling climate change," said WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud.
Past studies have suggested the ozone layer has stopped getting worse.
"Now for the first time in this report we say that we see indications of a small increase in total ozone. That means recovery of the ozone layer in terms of total ozone has just started," said WMO senior scientific officer Geir Braathen.
The 1987 Montreal Protocol that banned or phased out ozone depleting chemicals, including chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) once widely used in refrigerators and spray cans, would prevent 2 million cases of skin cancer annually by 2030 according to UNEP.
The agreement would also help avert damage to wildlife, agriculture, human eyes and immune systems, the agency added.
The ozone layer was expected to recover towards its 1980 level by mid-century, or slightly later for Antarctica, where it gets dangerously thin every year between mid-August and November or December.
"The development you saw during the 1990s that the ozone hole got bigger from year to year - that development has stopped, so it has levelled off," said Braathen.
"We think in about 2025 or thereabouts we’ll be able to say with certainty that the ozone hole is getting smaller," he added.
Progress could be sped up by as much as 11 years if existing stocks of ozone-depleting substances - many of them stored up in old fridges and fire-extinguishers - were destroyed.
The largest ozone hole on record was about 30 million square km in 2006. The hole now covers about 20 million square km - big enough for the moon to pass through - but may not have peaked this season.
The size of the hole varies from year to year, partly due to temperature in the upper atmosphere.
The reduction of ozone-damaging chemicals would also help the environment, the report said, as many of the substances were also greenhouses gases blamed for global warming.
But the rising levels of other greenhouses gases in the atmosphere had “the potential to undermine these gains,” said the report.

One of the ozone-depleting substances that was supposed to have been phased out - carbon tetrachloride, a solvent - was still being released into the atmosphere suggesting, the report said, illicit production and usage over the past decade

Source: Reporting by Tom Miles; Editing by Andrew Heavens

When people finally realized how hateful reality is, they started exaggerating things just as creating fiction.

Books touching lives. I had contracted myself about facebook posting therefore dito ko nalang ip’post sayang naman yung thoughts.

1. The Gospel of John (and the Bible)
2. The Book Thief: Markus Zusak
3. Series of Unfortunate Events: Lemony Snickets
4. Macbeth: William Shakespeare
5. Noli Me Tangere: Jose Rizal
6. Sherlock Holmes: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
7. The Divine Comedy: Dante A.
8. Stainless Longanisa: Bob Ong
9. The Fault in our Stars: John Green
10. The Phantom of the Opera: Gaston Leroux

Some are classics. Because old world’s authorship is timeless, gentle but penetrating; just amazing I don’t know why. 

Parade of proud and deviant saints.

People will come and say words that aren’t pleasing to hear to call our attention and tell us that we’ve gone the wrong path. Accept them, but don’t tolerate their judgment that just came from nowhere. Words are daggers. They can protect you, they can kill depending to where you point them. 

I’ve been so wrong. I am also right. You judge me before asking me what’s wrong. I judge you and neglect your stories. Both should be sorry.

It’s hard to fit your standards with theirs, especially when yours is kind of out of this world. Therefore next time you lead, ask their capacity first. And you adjust up to the certain point to which your works aren’t works of mediocre. Because those are outputs that are unacceptable. 

August 15, 2014

BLUE ARCTURUS— After days of napakaagang pagpasok sa school para magawa props nang kung anu-anong mga events, ayun we stood strong ‘til body meeting. Pagod man lahat sulit pa din. Di man nanalo sa body meeting yung house, may kalakihan naman ang nainvest sa relationship. Dami ko nameet na bagong mga friends, fourth year at mga fifth year people. Congratulations guys! especially kay Ate Rhea na super dedicated.

Ching, Michael at Kuya Edward. Congrats dun sa emblem natin, champion :D Haha glory to God. Lakas niyo po!

Photo: Nicole Tubiera (Blue Guardian of the Galaxy)

Dahil sa hindi inaasahang mga pagkakataon, UULIT KAMI NG THESIS FROM SCRATCH </3 

Ito dati naming title: The Comparative Document Analysis of The Enterprise’s Non Mandatory Publication Fees Collection and Theoretical Mandatory Collection for the last seven semesters (AY: 2011-2014) of non mandatory collection implementation & And the effect of former in cost management and marketing of the organization (kaba na). 

Patapos na kami, iniimprove nalang yung Related Literature, then proposal na, tapos kabud nalang mababasa sa frontpage ng The Angelite na iimplement na ni GTN yung mandatory collection next sem. Hahaha nice. Although that was good news sa lahat ng publications the entire univ, kami naman natamaan due to unexpected events, bakit naman next sem? bakit di nalang kagraduate namin? (medyo selfish) Pero kahit na ganun, masaya pa din ako kasi di na maghihirap ulit sa kakacollect ang board. In fact, I commend the dedication of writers from The Enterprise tsaka The Angelite kasi despite budget constrainst nakakapagproduce pa rin sila ng quality articles and stories. Kaya nga nagbabayad pa din ako kahit na di required dati :D

Gustuhin man naming ituloy nalang for the sake na gumraduate na kami, Wala naman rugo kaming magagawa, e wala na rin significance kung tutuloy pa namin yun dahil di na nga relevant, kesa sa paulitin pa kami ng mga panelists, mangyari nang umulit na kami agad. MAY TWO WEEKS PA NAMAN BEFORE DEADLINE NG OUTPUT. Hahahahaha!

August 16 | Guagua Plaza 

Trip kaming Porac ampong Guagua napun. Enaku mitagal kareng pintalan king Porac uning alang jeep SMC. Mibalik ku tuluy AC. Pero sulit naman king Guagua, dakal ke din apuntalan. Pati ketang Betis Church, agia pang edakami peluban ketang mismung pisamban.

Photo: Adlene Torres

August 12, 2014

1. GDR Literary Entries
2. JPIA Tarp entry

1. JPIA Emblem
2. JPIA Props
3. YKAMP layout

To do:
1. Semi-formal dance
2. Guagua-Porac Trip
3. YKAMP Video-editing
4. Painting Contest
5. Corporate-formal wear photoshoot
6. Audit and Partnership Law recitation
7. Article writing contest

Exhausting week. No regular sleep. Eyebags. Skipping meals. Skipping classes. Conflicting schedules. Muscle pain. Stress. Budget problem, oblivious, hallucinations: Reasons why I hate college. Reasons why I love college more. 

In our lacking, God sustains us :)

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.”

— F. Scott Fitzgerald

January 29, 2014

i. Whole day kung maglay-out pero ala kung ayari. Oh nu’n kapa ne? Asnakang kamotivated mayari ta’s kanita ni text e mo akasabi reng kagrupu mu. Sidsad ku na ing alang weekend ban kanita sana maski makananu atin ng mayayari, oyta mu pin tinake for granted da ku rugu. haha grabi la. Enaku pin magpakabayani, gawan ku na ing expected kaku, ali egana-gana. Makabadtrip mu talaga. Pero uning masaya ku pa rin ngeni keng agawa ku, okay mu. Chill ku pa naman. Siguru maexhaust ku kayari nig body meeting.

Never give what he asks
He’s been drugging you for long
But you love such euphoric feel
You don’t care how his words
Numb all muscles in your chest
You fell through his schemes
Dosed by enchanting phrase
Drowned by tranquil orthographies

Those pledges and promises
Are just mere profanities
Pooling wool in your eyes
Drawing expectations in your head
For pinky swears never exist
In the world of competition
Of jealousy and insecurity
Of indifference and pride

Believe him not
When he cries in front of you
For his tears are long dead
But if your heart still flutters
And can’t help but fall for him
Stab it with no fictitious affection
Coming from the silent grave
Of the hurting and the learned

July 13, 2014

One day, God poured out too many not so good stuffs above our roof. Electricity service disconnection, Internet service disconnection, daily allowance cut-off, 3-day meal insecurity, academic pressure, demanding creditors, depression, and lot more struggles. Good things started to get blurred and hid. Options became dim and the only decision I did was just to break down, to fall in my knees and to cry bitterly. That’s the moment when I convinced myself to believe how things have constantly changed since the day i took you for granted. I came back. I’m coming back humbled. You did something God I really don’t understand. But although I don’t, you know, Lord, when i was on that verge of anxiety, inside me there was a big pressure telling me not to give up and just keep on going. I was stilled. I was amazed. And I still can’t believe how magnificent is the kind of attitude you put in my heart that although I wrote this entry with a horrible grammatical structure, I still can’t totally explain the feeling of going back to an old friend, especially after seeing him with arms wide open, ready to embrace your imperfection.

Thank you, Lord. 

July 4, 2014

There’s no such thing as empty or half-filled glass in the world.The glass is always full.We just assume that the half liquid take out of the glass leaves its area empty when in reality, the gases we can’t see occupy the space left out.

People, likewise. We always believe that once there’s something or someone that is taken out of our lives, a part of us goes empty, without realizing that behind that lost is something we cannot see that took the place of the one leaving, God’s comfort and grace that never perish.

At the end of each day, please realize that we are still whole. And we will always remain whole. 

“Life’s purpose is not to find happiness, but to overcome all hurdles in accepting oneself. Life’s meaning does not come from seeking authority, there are no laws which govern choice. Peace owns nothing, it is felt when the things that are needed most are realized as a shared experience. Action is our form of communication, and will starve without support.”